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December 21, 2018

Teeling’s Irish Whiksey with Eanna Ryan

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Teeling’s Irish Whiksey with Eanna Ryan

When Teelings Irish Whiskey opened it’s doors in 2015, it was the first new Whiksey Distillery to put down roots in Dublin in nearly 125 years. It was founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, whose father, John, founded the great Cooley Distillery. However, while Teeling’s is rooted in a rich lineage of whiskey royalty, it’s much more important to know that they make some delicious Irish Whiskey! This award winning line is sure to please the palate and our guest, Eanna Ryan, pairs this with the rich history of the Irish spirit!

What We Drank:

Teeling’s Small Batch

Teeling’s Single Grain

Teeling’s Single Malt

Teeling’s Single Barrel

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