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September 16, 2019

Pedro Shanahan, Host of The Spirit Guide Society, Unveils a Barrel of Westward American Two Malt That He Distilled 7 Years Ago!

The Spirit Guide Society podcast adds an exciting dimension to the world of liquor tasting. Every Tuesday and Friday, master brander, Spirit Guide, and Shakespearian-trained actor/host, Pedro Shanahan, sits down with representatives from renowned distilleries to learn about the brand and sample their unique offerings. The Spirit Guide Society’s host educates and entertains bartenders, liquor aficionados and industry professionals. Shanahan has a whimsical flair for entertainment. Using thought-provoking commentary, both novices and old-hands can pick […]

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September 13, 2019

Angel’s Envy’s Port Finished Bourbon with Ashley Erwin & Eli Kestenbaum

Angel’s Envy’s Port Finished Bourbon with Ashley Erwin & Eli Kestenbaum What we drank: Angel’s Envy Port Finished Bourbon Angel’s Envy Rye Angel’s Envy Cask Strength From the Angel’s Envy website: angelsenvy.com IN THE BEGINNING, Angel’s Envy was an idea between father and son. Eventually, a grandson became involved. Our small family brand began to grow. During those early days, we never anticipated just how much growth we’d see. TODAY, Angel’s Envy is a hand crafted, small […]

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August 27, 2019

Pedro Shanahan, Host of The Spirit Guide Society, Takes Audiences on an Explosive Journey of the Senses!

Liquor tasting is an art unto itself. Capturing the essence of this art, The Spirit Guide Society’s podcast isn’t simply insightful, it also lets audience members, listeners, and budding distillers experience century-old traditions in a whole new way. The podcast airs twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Guests are treated to the whimsical stylings of host, liquor connoisseur and all-around entertainer, Pedro Shanahan. Liquor Tasting Gets a Transformative Makeover Shanahan operates the Seven Grand […]

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August 15, 2019

The Spirit Guide Society’s Podcasts Empower Bartenders with Exclusive Industry Insight

Each week, The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan sits down with representatives from industry-leading distilleries to talk, sample new liquors, and learn more about their unique offerings. Podcasts made from these live recordings offer unique insight and education for bartenders and other industry professionals to implement into their careers. The Spirit Guide Society delivers weekly podcasts where online listeners can hear host Pedro Shanahanconverse and critique alcohol with representatives from some of the world’s top distillers. Because […]

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August 12, 2019

From Texas to Niigata: The Spirit Guide Society Showcases the Differences Between Eastern and Western Whiskies

Guiding a live audience through a flight of specialty whiskies, The Spirit Guide Society’s host Pedro Shanahan shares the distinctive flavors and processes of major Eastern and Western distillers. The two podcast episodes feature guest appearances by Winston Edwards of Balcones Distilling and Devin Hawley of Shinobu and Kujira Distilleries. Pedro Shanahan is the bridge between representatives from some of the world’s most celebrated distilleries and The Spirit Guide Society’s eager audiences. Each week, Shanahan sits […]

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