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November 20, 2018

Bourbon: Buffalo Trace with Mark Fania

Bourbon: Buffalo Trace with Mark Fania Mark Fania of Buffalo Trace joins us to share the history of one of the largest Bourbon producers in American History. He walked us through each of the distillery’s mash builds, spoke about their barrel program and, most importantly, share some delicious bourbon! — What We Drank: Buffalo Trace Seven Grand Single Barrel Blanton’s Seven Grand Single Barrel Weller Antique 107 Seven Grand Single Barrel Thomas H. Handy Rye […]

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November 16, 2018

Mezcal: La Locura/Malbien with Ben Scott

Mezcal: La Locura/Malbien with Ben Scott Our first Agave based podcast! If you spend enough time hanging around Mexico, you’re likely to end up at the home of Eduardo “Lalo” Ángeles, Master Distiller of La Locura and Malbien Mezcal. This fourth generation mezcal producer has been making the spirit with a family clay pot still recipe that is over 100 years old. His spirits were first released commercially in 2014 and has been described as […]

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November 13, 2018

Highland Park with Brian Summers

Highland Park with Brian Summers The incredibly colorful Brian Summers joined us this week to share the whiskey that many peat lovers count as their favorite, Highland Park! In addition to tasting us through HP’s line of whiskey, he shared the amazing (and hilarious) viking origins of the distillery and gave us the funniest lesson on the fermentation of yeast that anyone could ever ask for! — What We Drank: Highland Park 12 Highland Park […]

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November 9, 2018

Douglas Laing’s Old Partiuclar with Jan Beckers

Douglas Laing’s Old Partiuclar with Jan Beckers For some, the craft of whisk(e)y begins with the discovery of an exciting mash build that can be distilled and aged to perfection. Douglas Laing, however, expresses their passion by purchasing some of the finest and most rare barrels of single malt and single grain scotches to bottle and sell to consumers. Jan Beckers joined us to share the Old Particular line, which according to their website “is […]

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November 6, 2018

Bruichladdich with Trent Simpson

Bruichladdich with Trent Simpson In the realm of peated, single malt scotches, Bruchladdich (pronounced Brooke-Laddie) is a legend. Trent Simpson joined us to walk through some of the greatest hits of this fantastic Islay masterpiece. Before you press play, prepare yourself to get nerdy about some smokey, smokey barrel-finished goodness! — What we drank: Unpeated Classic Laddich Islay Barley Black Art Port Charlotte Octomore 8.1 — Follow us: spiritguidesocietypodcast.com facebook.com/spiritguidesoc twitter.com/spiritguidesoc instagram.com/spiritguidesoc — “Samba Isobel” […]

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