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February 1, 2019

Maurice Chevalier IV’s Whiskey Vault / Infinity Bottles

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Maurice Chevalier IV’s Whiskey Vault / Infinity Bottles

Maurice Chevalier considers himself to be a very luck man. As the Brand Development Manager at Hotaling & Co., he has been fortunate to bring some of the most amazing craft spirits to the shelves of your local liquor store! In the process, however, his personal whiskey collection has gotten a little too large (if that’s possible). Rather than let the whiskey go to waste, he has taken two very different approaches to saving it. First, he’s spent the past ten years crafting an infinity bottle; second, he’s sharing it with the Spirit Guide Society! Prepare yourself for a wide ranging flight of whiskeys that literally span the world! You’ll be glad you did!

What we drank:

Pike Creek 10 year

Lot 40

Old Potrero

Old Potereo Cask Finished

J.H. Cutter

Nikka Whiskey From The Barrel

Dingle Irish Whiskey

Old Potrero Hoatalings 11 Year

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