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January 11, 2019

Convite Mezcal with Arturo & Julio Palencia

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Convite Mezcal with Arturo & Julio Palencia

Convite, which is brought to us this week by The Brothers Palencia, might require a bit of searching to add to your home bar, but it is truly worth it for the taste! This Oaxacan mezcal, whose name translates to “celebration,” is made in the traditional, ancestral style of mezcal production, which leads to small yields and BIG, delicious flavors. Arturo and Julio import spirits with the goal of bringing heritage recipes from Mexico to the rest of the world. They have truly found a gem in Convite.

What we drank:

Convite Espadin

Convite Ensemble

Convite Tobala

Convite Tepeztate

Convite Coyote

Convite Jabali

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