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July 5, 2019

Bruxo Mezcal with David Ruiz

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Bruxo Mezcal with David Ruiz

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David Ruiz joins us at Las Perlas in Downtown Los Angeles to chat about Bruxo, a line that has long existed in Mexico but is new to the United States.

What we drank:
Bruxo #1
Bruxo #2
Bruxo #3
Bruxo #4
Bruxo #5

From the Bruxo Website:

We never thought a trip to the Oaxaca Sierra would change our lives forever.

We set ourselves the goal to honor the honor and tradition of mezcal and sharing its magic with the world.

That´s how Bruxo was born, as a:

Honor to the magic of mezcal, the link between what´s earth bound and what´s sacred.

Honor to the mysticism of the legends we have found and those we´re already a part of.

Honor to those who live up in the mountains but know and share their ancestral heritage with the rest of the world.

Honor to those of us who in the city, are able to transform any given moment into an eternal memory.

Honor to the true Elixires, unique mezcales, more special than any other in the world.

We embarqued upon a mission: to discover the meaning of magic. We discovered that everything around us possesses a new and secret side of which we know little about. Everything, everywhere has a mystic side.

Magic is our most precious legacy, it connects us to the most authentic core of every single thing, building a bridge between our world and what lies beyond. Magic is an open invitation to believe, grow and be amazed. It pushes us so we let the excitement of the unknown guide our way.

Every step we take and everything we do, can transform into a unique and unforgettable experience, Everything around us possesses magic… that is why we love sharing it with everyone.

Connecting with the mystic side of things you knew – or thought you knew, that’s the Bruxo way of life.

Bruxo is dedicated to those who understand, thanks to their wisdom, the times and gifts of mother earth.

It´s not just respect for those who make it, it´s also respect for those who drink it. Bruxo pays tribute to to the authentic hand crafted process to create mezcal.

We are proud to take what nature gives to us and give it back to it; through working with the local communities.

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