February 4, 2020

Warbringer Whiskey with Head Distiller David Brandt & Josh “Warmaster” Barnett

In the age of celebrity whiskey, it’s rare to find a brand whose namesake loves the brown spirit as much as Josh “Warmaster” Barnett. Since he teamed up with Sespe Creek Distillery, he’s been working with Dr. David Brandt to create the Warbringer whiskey. The three whiskies we tasted on today’s episode feature big smokey flavors that put your taste buds in a choke hold (and we meant that in a good way!) What we […]

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January 21, 2020

Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey with Sherrie Moore

The story of how the brand Uncle Nearest came into the world was truly a story of kismet for Sherrie Moore, who came out of retirement to take on the role of Chief Whiskey Officer (Director of Whiskey and Distillery Operations) for the brand. It is truly an amazing story and we are very happy to present it, along side three marks from the brand, on the podcast. The true story of Jack Daniels can’t […]

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January 14, 2020

Jura Whisky with Master Distiller Greg Glass

Today’s guest pulled out all the stops! Greg Glass is the Master Distiller of Jura, a beloved brand from the Whyte & Mackay portfolio, and not only did he bring a TWENTY-ONE year old whisky, he holds the distinction of being the first and only guest to bring an edible bubble machine. (Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see Pedro try to catch the bubbles in his mouth.) What we drank: Jura […]

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January 7, 2020

1792 #2 with Master Distiller Danny Kahn

We were incredibly lucky to catch Danny Kahn, Master Distiller of Barton’s/1792, while he was in Los Angeles! We covered all areas of his expertise, including how he came into his position AND the process behind making 1792 Full Proof, which was just named Best Whiskey in the World by Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible! What we drank: 1792 Small Batch (10:25) 1792 Single Barrel (17:20) 1792 Bottled in Bond (21:24) 1792 Full Proof (24:00) From […]

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December 31, 2019

Woodford Reserve #2 with Luke Ford

Former Seven Grand Bartender Luke Ford is back with us on the podcast and he’s brought some Incredibly tasty treats from the Woodford Reserve Masters Collection! If you heard the last time we had Luke joining us, you’ll remember his famous whale joke; be sure to stick around til the end of the podcast when he brings another fantastic one! What we drank: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Malt Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Woodford Reserve […]

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