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September 16, 2019

Pedro Shanahan, Host of The Spirit Guide Society, Unveils a Barrel of Westward American Two Malt That He Distilled 7 Years Ago!

The Spirit Guide Society podcast adds an exciting dimension to the world of liquor tasting. Every Tuesday and Friday, master brander, Spirit Guide, and Shakespearian-trained actor/host, Pedro Shanahan, sits down with representatives from renowned distilleries to learn about the brand and sample their unique offerings. The Spirit Guide Society’s host educates and entertains bartenders, liquor aficionados and industry professionals. Shanahan has a whimsical flair for entertainment. Using thought-provoking commentary, both novices and old-hands can pick […]

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September 6, 2019

Michter’s American Whiskey with Master Distiller Dan McKee

Michter’s American Whiskey with Master Distiller Dan McKee Michter’s is a brand that’s rich in both flavor AND history. The story of this line dates back all the way to 1753 when it was known as Shenk’s Whiskey; Louis Foreman would later purchase the brand and rename it after his two sons, Michael and Peter. We were incredibly lucky to have the current brains behind the operation, Master Distiller Dan McKee, come all the way from Kentucky […]

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September 3, 2019

The Exceptional Whisky with Don Sutcliffe

The Exceptional Whisky with Don Sutcliffe While we’re sure you can make many puns about their name, The Exceptional Whiskey is nothing to scoff at. This blended whiskey is birthed from the minds of some of the most prolific spirit importers of our time; every expression is made by people who truly love whisk(e)y. Don Suttcliff, co-founder of the brand, joins Pedro in Bar Jackalope to talk about the brand. What we drank: The Exceptional […]

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August 30, 2019

Rhum Barbancourt

Rhum Barbancourt   In the mood for Haitian rum? Perhaps one aged in Limousine Oak? Pedro, Erbin and Shaggy have you covered! One Rhum Barbancourt (pronounced Bah•Ben•Cooh) podcast coming right up! What We Drank: Rhum Barbancourt 3-Star (aged 4 years) Rhum Barbancourt 5-Star (aged 8 years) Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve (aged 15 years) From Wikipedia: The family business began on March 18, 1862, producing rum directly from sugar cane juice. Dupré Barbancourt, a Frenchman […]

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August 27, 2019

Pedro Shanahan, Host of The Spirit Guide Society, Takes Audiences on an Explosive Journey of the Senses!

Liquor tasting is an art unto itself. Capturing the essence of this art, The Spirit Guide Society’s podcast isn’t simply insightful, it also lets audience members, listeners, and budding distillers experience century-old traditions in a whole new way. The podcast airs twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Guests are treated to the whimsical stylings of host, liquor connoisseur and all-around entertainer, Pedro Shanahan. Liquor Tasting Gets a Transformative Makeover Shanahan operates the Seven Grand […]

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