Month: August 2019

August 16, 2019

Funky Rums From Jamaica

Funky Rums From Jamaica In honor of Jamaican Independence Day, Pedro is joined by Caña’s Rum Bar’s own Shaggy to talk about three hogo style, “funky” rums from Jamaica! What we drank: The Funk (yes, that’s really what it’s called) Two James’ Doctor Bird’s Rum Plantation Xaymaca Rum Doctor Bird Rum Because of our belief in the importance of local agriculture and the fact that sugar cane isn’t readily available in Michigan, we decided to […]

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August 15, 2019

The Spirit Guide Society’s Podcasts Empower Bartenders with Exclusive Industry Insight

Each week, The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan sits down with representatives from industry-leading distilleries to talk, sample new liquors, and learn more about their unique offerings. Podcasts made from these live recordings offer unique insight and education for bartenders and other industry professionals to implement into their careers. The Spirit Guide Society delivers weekly podcasts where online listeners can hear host Pedro Shanahanconverse and critique alcohol with representatives from some of the world’s top distillers. Because […]

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August 13, 2019

JP Wiser’s Canadian Whisky with Dave Mitton

JP Wiser’s Canadian Whisky with Dave Mitton Dave Mitton (who has one of the best podcast voices we’ve ever recorded) joins us to talk about JP Wiser’s Canadian Whisky, His brand is focused on a level of quality not seen by many distilleries in Canada or, for that matter, anywhere in the world! Plus, this podcast will give you the secret of how to make one of the best Manhattan’s on the planet! What we […]

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August 12, 2019

From Texas to Niigata: The Spirit Guide Society Showcases the Differences Between Eastern and Western Whiskies

Guiding a live audience through a flight of specialty whiskies, The Spirit Guide Society’s host Pedro Shanahan shares the distinctive flavors and processes of major Eastern and Western distillers. The two podcast episodes feature guest appearances by Winston Edwards of Balcones Distilling and Devin Hawley of Shinobu and Kujira Distilleries. Pedro Shanahan is the bridge between representatives from some of the world’s most celebrated distilleries and The Spirit Guide Society’s eager audiences. Each week, Shanahan sits […]

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August 9, 2019

Marca Negra Mezcal with Molly McGuire

Marca Negra Mezcal with Molly McGuire What we drank: Mezcal Marca Negra Tobala Mezcal Marca Negra Dobadan Mezcal Marca Negra Ensemble Mezcal Marca Negra San Martine Mezcal Marca Negra Topazette “Marca Negra’s unique ultra-premium expressions are expertly crafted by different Maestros. Each features different varietals and blends of agave that result in very distinct-tasting notes. From the subtle smoky flavor and spicy finish of the Dobadan, to the lemon peel and pomegranate essence with white […]

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